Astrology and Love - How Astrology Influences Our Love Life

By Renee Abrahams – April 21, 2021
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Do you believe in the idea of star-crossed lovers? Can we blame Shakespeare, Chaucer, and Hippocrates for making us believers of fate and destiny? The notion that there’s someone out there for us, as per the gods’ decisions, has been sparking debates for centuries. Well, most of us find it quite easy to believe the idea of inescapable, unalterable, predestined fate between two lovers. But have you ever looked at your lover's zodiac sign? Or their birth chart? Have you ever noticed a pattern in the type of lover you're attracted to?

The father of physics, Sir Isaac Newton, had once said that he spent a considerable amount of time learning astrology. In his defense of the subject against the skeptic Edmund Halley, Newton left us with some guidance. No matter what you believe in, one thing is guaranteed, if you choose to follow what your birth chart tells about your life, you must take a deeper dive than just your sun sign. Astrology was given a superficial sampling by the typical 12-sign blanket descriptors, and in the process, many of the complexities are lost unto the common person. 

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A Gate to the Most Profound Desires of a Person

Fortunately, Certified Professional Consulting Astrologer, Diana Brownstone, stepped out to explain to us in layman’s term the widely oversimplified discipline. Diana Brownstone started to practice astrology in the late 1980s. Over the course of her career, she has appeared on NBC multiple times, given astrology lectures at the Astrological Society of Princeton, New Jersey, and was invited numerous times to speak at the New Life Expo.

Brownstone gives astrological consultations and birth chart analyses. According to her, if people only knew that their birthdate, birthplace, and time could reveal so much about their personalities, they would simply lose it. She even added that these details can open the gates and reveal the most profound desires of a person, including even their deepest wounds and most private secrets. Brownstone explained that these revelations are just one of the most unsettling aspects of the discipline that astrologers have been practicing for so long. What continues to amaze her today is the fact that most of the modern astrologers were once the most insistent skeptics.

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The Link to the Greater Things in Life

At its core, Brownstone said that astrology is surrounded by the idea of picking up energy from the planets as well as the universe. These archetypes serve as the bridge to the greater cosmos in life.

To better understand the concept, Brownstone uses the women’s menstrual cycle as an example. This period in a woman’s life can become synced up with the moon. She stresses that our environment has the power to make us feel the physical effects. Take for instance the sun, it has the power to make plants grow, to change the color of our skin, and can even affect people psychologically. The same logic work with the moon and the other planets.

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Understanding Astrology as a Whole Science

So, is it safe to say that we can rely on the planets when it comes to determining our future relationships? According to Brownstone, the answer is yes. However, there is a catch. Planets can lead you to "the one" only if you have fully analyzed and understood your natal chart. Brownstone pointed out that an individual’s personality cannot be determined simply by relying on your sun sign. 

According to her, an Aries person who has five planets in Aries might have read their horoscope and felt that the message really resonates with their personality. However, an Aries person who happens to have five planets in Pisces can easily conclude that the message was wrong. Brownstone also added that the sun sign is only one aspect of our complex birth chart. There are other determining factors such as the moon sign, lunar nodes, rising sign, position of the planets, and other fine details. When it comes to examining romantic compatibility and relationships, you should take a hard look at what the signs mean for you and your lover.

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The Elements and Their Respective Signs

There are four elements in modern astrology, namely Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are Fire signs. Earth signs are Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo. The Air element represents Gemini, Aquarius, and Libra, while Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio are Water signs.

Of the four elements, there are complementary pairs. For example, water to earth; water to water; fire to air; fire to fire; etc. According to Brownstone’s observations, people who share complementary elements within their signs are more likely to get along well with each other. However, she pointed out that other factors such as rising signs, moon signs, and the lunar nodes must be taken into consideration as well.

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Sun Sign

People generally read their daily horoscope based on their sun sign; it is determined by the date of their birth. In simpler words, if the sun happens to be passing through the constellation of Aries at the time you were born, then you’d be an Aries. Brownstone added that the sun reflects your identity, your sense of self as well as how you express yourself. When it comes to romantic relationships, people often think that if their sun signs are compatible, that it is an indication that they share a natural liking for each other.

However, Brownstone made it clear that generally speaking, the signs that come with the same element are the ones that share a basic affinity. For example, an Aries and a Sagittarius can bring the same level of enthusiasm and action to the table. However, there are cases when people tend to be attracted to those who are quite different from themselves. Brownstone said that Scorpio can fall in love with a Leo and these two will share a tremendous passion because of the appealing differences in their signs. She even added that the tension between two people can make a relationship more exciting.

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Moon Sign

Your moon sign represents your family, your mother, and your home environment. In your birth chart, it is determined by the exact position of the moon at the time of your birth. This sign rules your inner needs and other instinctive desires.

When it comes to relationships, compatibility between moon signs is a good indicator. For instance, if your moon sign is in Scorpio (water), you might find it natural to interact with a Pisces whose zodiac element is also water. Brownstone also added that if you’re after a relationship that values commitment, you must really consider what your moon sign has to say. If you dream of someone that knows how to have your needs met and is looking for a long-term relationship as well, then keep in mind to find someone whose moon sign is compatible with yours.

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Rising Sign or Ascendant

Your rising sign is determined by the ascending zodiacal signs on the eastern horizon at the time of your birth. It reflects the general impression you exude the first time you meet people. Your ascendant can be called your mask.

In astrology, the rising signs of two people can also indicate their initial reaction when they meet. Brownstone pointed out that this is one of the areas that isn't impacted by the elements’ compatibility. She even added that the “tension” can work out as an advantage. As the old saying goes, opposites attract. It’s safe to say that someone who has their ascendant in Aries might be interested in a Capricorn. Moreover, the rising sign is considered to be the opposite of the marriage or partnership house.

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Lunar Nodes

Lunar nodes are defined as the astronomical points at which the orbit of the moon crosses the ecliptic or the sun’s path on the “celestial sphere”. They are not recognized as signs and they are determined by the precise position of the sun and the moon at the time of your birth. These nodes function on an axis and they are categorized as the southern and northern nodes. The southern node reflects the accretion of knowledge and habits of your family. It also includes what you already know and what you have accomplished in life. The northern node, on the other hand, reflects where you are headed, what you want to become, what you want to have and accomplish. Since they are moving on an axis, they are always opposite to each other. For example, if your southern node is in Capricorn, by logic, your northern node is in Cancer.

When it comes to a romantic relationship, the nodes must be combined. So if you and your lover’s nodes overlap, there’s a good chance that your paths will cross with each other. As an astrologer who’s keen to examine relationships, Brownstone admits that she tends to look closely at the lunar nodes. She also added the idea of fate and used Romeo and Juliet as an example. Their nodal points of contact had decided that they would definitely meet each other because of their nodal conjunctions.

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Astrologer’s Conclusion

Brownstone advised everyone who’s looking for relationship guidance to look at the basic compatibility of the sun, moon, and rising signs. However, she made it clear that if you seek this guidance from someone who can't truly read a birth chart, then it would be like taking a blood test and choosing the parts of the result that are good and leaving out the bad ones.

You should never dismiss a potential lover right away just because of their sun sign, moon sign, and ascendant. Astrology is a whole science and you might never know if that person has other planets that are in line with yours. The more you invest time in studying it, the easier it will be for you to draw your own conclusions. Take for instance the famous author, Mark Twain, who said that he came into this world with Halley’s Comet in 1835. A year before he took his last breath, he announced his own death prediction with the coming of the comet. And he was right.