What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Motherhood Style

By Peter Cho – April 27, 2021
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There are no written rules or standards that categorize mothers as “good” or “bad.” Motherhood will always have its ups and downs. Chances are, you’re already planning what kind of mother you will be in the future. Perhaps you have even decided already that you're going to be "this" kind of mom, and not “that” kind of mom. While you can try to plan, your birth chart has more influence than you know. Your sun sign can help you predict the lowest lows and the highest highs in your motherhood journey.

If you’re reading this to better understand your own mother or you’re simply trying to predict whether you’ll be a good mom in the future or not— this list is for you, and what it says might surprise you.

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Strengths: Confidence, fearlessness, strength, and self-awareness

Weaknesses: Vanity, self-centeredness, anger, obsessiveness, competitiveness, and tunnel vision

Parenting Style — Ruled by red-hot Mars, Aries moms are called “warrior mamas”. Known for confidence and fierceness, you’ll definitely charge into parenthood with your signature style. There’s a diva in every Aries woman and you are intent on leaving your mark on whatever you do. You approach everything as if there is always a battle and your alertness, confidence, and vigilance make you feel sure that you’re going to be successful in the end. Even if there are sudden challenges in motherhood, your confidence will not leave you for long.

For an Aries woman, the strangest part of motherhood usually happens in the early years. Because Aries is one of the most independent signs, you may have a hard time accepting that another human is completely dependent on you. It will take a bit of adjusting to set your own needs aside. However, no matter how much you adore your baby, you have to keep in mind that you are separate human beings with distinct personalities.

As an Aries mom, you might expect too much self-sufficiency from your kids. You are a wonderful role model, just be sure not to have unrealistic expectations. Moreover, once you begin to teach your kids about something, you will do everything in your power to make sure that the lesson sticks for life. 

You never felt the need to ask for permission to accomplish your goals, the same can be set for you in motherhood. You are a one-woman success machine— forever striving and achieving!

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Strengths: Hard worker, common sense, good taste, and stability

Weaknesses: Mood Swings, vanity, indulgence, and materialism

Parenting Style – A Taurus mom is the kind that puts the business in the front and party in the back; you are what some people may call the “mullet mama.” Some days, your stern demeanor can take over and your kids can feel your fears about things like traffic and creepy strangers. However, once you’re certain that your kids are safe and sound, you definitely know how to put the seriousness aside and have some fun. 

A Taurus woman tends to be old-fashioned as well, which gives you the confidence to be firm with your standards. However, there’s also a nature goddess within you who’s extremely down to earth. You might be the kind that orders your kids to stay in Sunday school until they grow up, but you are also the type to allow them to ride a motorcycle when they are twelve.

A Taurus mom is great when it comes to money as well. You always plan ahead to ensure a good return on investment. So if you invest and devote your life to raising your kids, you’d be happy to be acknowledged for it. You want your little ones to adore you and to respect your authority, as you aspire to raise them with good manners. As long as your kids practice the core values that you’ve taught them and show you and others respect, there will no trouble. However, once you feel that they are crossing your boundaries, you will never have second thoughts of putting your foot down. 

Because a Taurus mom has natural managerial qualities, your businesslike nature makes you feel that you’re fit to be the COO of your clan. You might not be aware but you love to run other people’s lives; so the structured rhythm of raising a child will just feel natural to you. As a mom, you would prefer to be late to social engagements, but you will always be early when it comes to your kids. You always put your child’s best interest first, and do so with laser-sharp focus. 

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Strengths: Creativity, originality, open-mindedness, curiosity, youthfulness, and versatility

Weaknesses: Impatience, tendency to contradict self, inconsistency, and lack of boundaries

Parenting Style – Ruled by the zodiac Twins, Gemini moms are known to be complex. You have many personalities and even contradict yourself sometimes. However, you are never the “boring” kind of mom. You tend to enjoy seeing your family members guess what you would say or do next. Because you’re a naturally versatile mom with varying personalities, there will never be a dull moment when you’re around.

Since your parenting standards can be altered frequently, your kids may sometimes feel that they are living on a boat in the middle of the ocean, waiting for the next wave. You can be picky when it comes to your kids’ toys or clothes, but won't have second thoughts about taking them to a smog-filled metropolis. Your unpredictableness might lead you to want to take your kids to a theme park one day, but the next all you want to do is to take them to the library. This unpredictableness can be hard on both you and your children. 

Gemini moms are ruled by the planet of communication which is Mercury. You tend to have an active intellect which means your brain simply never shuts off. With your mental energy, you can easily be the most opinionated or most eccentric mom in town. Sometimes, you might be viewed by people around you as a breezy mom, however, it will be hard for them to pin you down because of your unique maternal instinct.

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Strengths: Confidence, leadership, creativity, and playfulness

Weaknesses: Self-centeredness, too much energy, and drama

Parenting Style – Hello dramatic Leo mama! Motherhood feels so natural to you and you’re more than willing to throw your heart and soul into this job. From the earliest days of reading how to be a successful mom, to doing a birth chart analysis to better understand your child, and then raising your kids into adulthood, Leo moms are considered the most hands-on mothers on Earth. Simply put, you want to be involved in every aspect of your kids’ lives even after they’ve grown up into successful adults.

Leos tend to be the most supportive mothers with little to no room for being mean. However, you definitely know how to exercise discipline. For your kids, you’ll be a tough one to follow as you are a natural-born achiever. You view your standards as lofty, which is why you are not aware that you might be pushing your kids too much at times. However, this can be channeled in a positive way if you make your children feel as if you are pushing them closer towards their dreams. Your innate sense of entitlement can work to the advantage of everyone around you. Your confidence when you’re on a mission is so high and nothing can sway you away from reaching your goals. Even if your kids grow up and choose to live a lifestyle that differs from how they’ve been raised, your role as a mom will always have large impacts on their decisions.

Leo moms are hard workers. But when you decide that it’s time to party, the sky is the limit. Whenever you plan a celebration, no one can rival your lavish layout. You also love to give gifts whenever there’s an occasion, and your generosity always outshines the rest. For you, giving presents to your kids is not a way of spoiling them. Instead, you want them to feel how much you care about them, which is why you took the time to find something just for them.   

Leo moms are expressive as well. You tend to show your love to your kids through hugs and kisses. You always want to show them that they are your pride and joy. However, keep in mind that it is your responsibility to teach them how to fend for themselves. Although you want nothing more than a tight-knit family, from time to time, you have to loosen your reins and let your kids experience the wild world. If you want to learn more about parenting, you can consider doing a birth chart analysis for a more in-depth understanding. 

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Strengths: Common sense, organization and structure, intellect, and healthy habits

Weaknesses: Tendency to overanalyze, self-righteousness, judgmental, worrisome, and neurotic

Parenting Style – Just like Geminis, Virgo moms have an interesting mix of contrast. Most of the time, you’re very thoughtful, which allows you to act as the planner, the manager, and the director. But, you are also willing to let loose and play. You're a mom who’s always ready for an adventure with your kids. However, you like to make sure that you have some personal time. Sometimes, you can even feel like your little ones are invading your peace and privacy. The shift from Ph.D. to ABC can sometimes be confusing; however, with a little effort, you can find ways to balance things.

Your fourth house of motherhood is ruled by Sagittarius. It means that you have a passion for wisdom, travel, and adventure. Your relaxed nature allows you to get rid of tunnel vision. You know how to trust your kids and you also inspire them to see the bigger picture. Your friends find you dependable and always go to you for advice. While other women suddenly feel old with motherhood’s responsibility, you welcome it as a grand adventure. You see the joy in your kids’ eyes and you always like to share with everyone how much fun you have with them.

You value your personal space and it can be quite a challenge to give that up when it comes to catering to your child’s needs. One of the lessons that you will learn from motherhood is how to ease up your self-critical tendencies.

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Strengths: Willpower, resilience, strength, and intuition

Weaknesses: Emotional unavailability, paranoia, obsessiveness, controlling, and intensity to a fault

Parenting Style – A Scorpio mom is quite a mix of intimidating personalities. You can be both inspiring and controlling which makes you a magnetic mama. Your kids can either cling to you for your coolness or hide themselves from your wrath. You, however, never turn your rage on them. Instead, you use your controlling personality to keep them in line. Inside every Scorpio mom is a mafia matriarch who will do everything to protect their kids with unrivaled strength and spirit. Nobody would dare to cross you twice.

You only need a short time to adjust to motherhood. Although it’s not easy for you to warm up to other people, your kids will easily break down your defenses with their smiles. Once the walls are knocked down and you feel so attached to them. The next huge challenge of motherhood for you will be how to let go.

Fiscal security is one of the most important things to you and you’ll work hard to plan your children’s lives so that they will have a rock-solid future. Even if it means sending them to an elite school and giving them things that are big investments. You will never have second thoughts about investing in their future. With all things planned, life with Scorpio moms can sometimes be exhausting. However, the way you control and maneuver the game is with your natural intuition, which seldom steers you wrong. 

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Strengths: Sentimentality, sensitivity, devotion, comfort, and good taste

Weaknesses: Jealousy, mood swings, overprotectiveness, and fearfulness

Parenting Style – Cancer women have maternal instinct wired into their DNA. Cancer is a matriarchal sign, making you a superior mother. You are a born nurturer and it’s easy for you to share your maternal touch with everyone, including your siblings and friends. You’re the kind of mom who doesn’t need to do a birth chart lookup as you are naturally born for the job. Cancer moms are typically more comfortable at a home, so an at-home birth might be the right move for you.

Your fourth house of motherhood is ruled by Libra, a sign of beauty and loving relationships. You have the passion to create a comfortable home and you always find ways on how to make an idealistic approach to your family. You want to be as close to your kids as possible and make them feel that they can rely on you as their lifelong best friend.

A Cancer mom can be a little shy. You are comfortable with a smaller group of friends, and this group is usually filled with people that are close to your kids as well. You have a habit of quietly screening the people in your kids’ lives and judging if they are worthy of your trust or not. However, once a person has won your trust, you’ll have no trouble opening up more of yourself and your family to them. While some might see you as a snobby mom, those who have managed to break your walls will experience the warmest kind of affection. You might not be that keen on welcoming other people into your life, but once you do, you will always treat them like family.

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Strengths: Fairness, patience, good taste, and refinery

Weaknesses: Vanity, inconsistency, and snobby

Parenting Style – Libra moms try to reach a balance. You are represented by the scales, but motherhood is one thing that can help bring calmness into your chaotic lifestyle.

You tend to stop and smell every single rose you find. Once you know you’re on the journey to becoming a mother, you will suddenly become the epitome of a great mom.

Because your zodiac is the sign of relationships, being a mom is the perfect excuse to lean into your natural tendencies. You have the habit of organizing lives and you’ll give everything you can to your kids. Libra moms like to please so if your kids ask for oversized dollhouses, trucks, or other toys, most likely you’ll give it to them. You want to witness every second of your child's days and how they grow. Whenever your little ones ask questions, you are willing to spend hours answering them.

Seeing your child's amusement is one of your life’s greatest delights.

As a Libra mom, you also want to be the best model for your kids. You want to make sure that your kids are dressed in stylish outfits just like you. However, you still stop from time to time and remind yourself that they are not your personal ambassadors. More often than not, you will find yourself striving for a healthy balance between separateness and togetherness.

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Strengths: Patience, thoughtfulness, planning, consistency, structure, and traditional values

Weaknesses: Self-doubt, overly cautious, worrisome, seriousness to a fault, and pessimism

Parenting Style – Capricorn is the “father sign” in astrology. Your ruling planet is Saturn, which represents masculinity and authority. As a mom, this gives an additional twist to your parenting style. Although you still have that feminine side, you find it easy to set the limits in the house and be firm with your rules. You have the longing to be close to your kids, yet you are not willing to let your guard down when they are crossing the line. You respect your own parents and want to feel that respect from your children as well.

You’re the kind of mom who shows affection through lectures instead of hugs and kisses. Although you’re not that comfortable in being touchy, the devotion you feel for your kids cannot be taken for granted. There’s a steel woman inside every Capricorn mom, and you think that everything that’s easy for you should be easy for the people around you as well.

Once you’ve devoted your life to your kids, you feel that it’s their obligation to succeed— as a sign of gratitude for your efforts. Chances are, as a child you strived to be the person your parents wanted you to become. Yes, you can be aloof, stern, and distant at times, but when it comes to working hard and providing for your kids, nothing can rival a Capricorn mom.

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Strengths: Originality, youthfulness, fairness, and open-mindedness

Weaknesses: Detachment, boundaries, dramatic, and overly permissive tendencies

Parenting Style – You get an Aquarius mom when you mix together the girl next door, pageant queen, rock star, karate black belt, and your childhood best friend. Yes, Aquarius moms face the world with eclectic glory.

Ruled by the unconventional Uranus, an Aquarius mom is impossible to put in a box. The traits of your ruling planet consist of rebellion, detachment, and spontaneity, which give you a curious character. You can be sweet and spontaneous, and the next second, aloof and stern. Like Gemini moms, you can be unpredictable and your parenting style can change without warning. You want your kids to feel that being with you is like being inside the world of magical utopia. It is the reason why there is little room for dullness under your roof.

You find it easy to make casual connections with others. However, you’re quite uncomfortable with intimacy and motherhood can drown you in a pool of emotions. After the surge of emotions, you’ll put your game face on. You might use your hot and cold settings as an excuse when issues arise. However, one thing is clear; you crave security.

You might be an adventurous person yet you will find motherhood quite challenging. You strive to keep a strong individual identity at all times and there are moments that you may feel like motherhood is a trap. However, by inspiring your kids to honor their individuality, you will find consistency that can help you in your journey.

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Strengths: Wisdom, perspective, humorous, and adventurous

Weaknesses: Lack of structure, bluntness, impatience, crudeness and too much spontaneity

Parenting Style – Sagittarius moms are ruled by planet Jupiter, the zodiac’s freest spirit. You cherish your independence and you always want to live in the moment. The thought of motherhood might feel surreal to you at first. You might find it hard to believe that you’re entering a new phase of your life.

Adjusting yourself in a new situation might be a challenge for Aquarius moms. You will find it hard to decide whether you want to be your kids’ best friend or their disciplinarian. While you can show your kids how much you adore them, it may be a challenge for you once they begin to consume a lot of your time and energy. Additionally, you will feel that your life is filled with a packed schedule.

Despite typically not having trouble integrating other people’s needs and demands into your active routine, it might take time to get the balance just right with kids. However, you might not be aware that you’re already overcommitting yourself in the process. It is why Aquarius moms are considered as the double-edged swords. You’re the kind who can serve pancakes for dinner and offer leftover Chinese food for breakfast the next morning. You have no passion for planning or structure, and would prefer an impromptu vacation instead.

You have this kind of aura that turns you into a magnetic mom. Once you’ve decided to take an adventure, you always include the kids in the picture which gives you an intergenerational win-win.

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Strengths: Creativity, nurturing, imagination, and compassion

Weaknesses: Manipulation, kookiness, guilt, and instability

Parenting Style – A Pisces mom is a combination of a down-to-earth mother and a seductive siren. Pisces moms always make sure that they appear cozy and luxurious whenever they step out of the house. Chances are, you have an absolutely exquisite wardrobe in your closet. Fortunately, your love for all things luxurious doesn’t make you intimidating to other moms. Instead, you have a warmth that enchants the people around you.

Watery Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac. You are emotionally intelligent, spiritual, and sensitive. You are ethereal and emphatic as well. You know and understand your self-worth, and even encourage other moms to do the same. You can easily convince the people around you to treat themselves like goddesses, and you set the perfect example.

Even if you have high-end taste, you find it easy to welcome others into your world. However, this freewheeling attitude can lead to a lack of stability or boundaries. You might not be aware that you can slightly embarrass your kids as they get older because of your lack of structure. As a Pisces mom, you find it uncomfortable to take orders from other people. As a result, you find it hard to exercise authority on your kids as well. Oftentimes, Pisces moms depend on a partner who can help them enforce disciplinary routines. Alone, you might feel that you’re overwhelmed with the challenge of parenting.