Dog Owner Hacks

By Fred Foster – March 8, 2022
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Owning a dog can come with many different challenges that you haven’t faced or thought of before. These dog owner life hacks are sure to help you and your dog overcome them with ease. From how to travel, to how to stay active and everything in between here is a list of all the things you must know.

DIY Treat Toy

Make a small incision in your Dog’s favorite tennis ball and you can fill it up with his favorite treats. This can hold his attention for lengthy periods of time. 

Play Fetch on a Hill

We all know a dog loves to fetch but when played up and down a hill it can easily tire out your dog. If your dog has a lot of energy this can be a great way to get all of it out.

Leash Ties Via the Railing

If you need to leave your dog outside for a moment instead of the hassle of untying complicated knots you can use railings to loop your dog’s leash through the railing and hook onto the remaining leash. It is important to simply make sure your dog is being left in a safe space.

Dog Ball in Food Bowl

If your dog eats too quickly then put his favorite ball in his bowl. In order to eat your dog will have to push around the ball to get to his food and this maintains a slower pace while eating. 

Toy filled Ice Popsicles

On a hot day, you can freeze your dog’s toys in an ice mold and it can occupy your dog for hours while maintaining his hydration. You won’t have to worry about if he has been drinking enough water which is a bonus.

On-the-Go Water Break

Keeping a collapsable water bowl will not only keep your dog hydrated but will also make it more convenient for travel with your dog by saving space.

Make-Shift Laundry Carseat

If you are on the go and don’t have time to get your dog a proper seat for the car, you can take a wide laundry basket with a pillow and a blanket and make your own. To keep your dog safe make sure that the whole basket is covered.

DIY Dog Bed

You can use an old crib mattress that no one needs anymore and upcycle it into a new bed for your dog using a fitted sheet and a pallet.

Maximize Space

Who doesn’t dislike clutter? If you are trying to maximize your space and your dog is small enough you can minimize clutter by taking out the draws of your bedside table and using it as a crate for your dog instead. If your dog hates the crate then you can add a pillow instead.

Modern Ikea Dog Bed

There isn’t anything better than a good upcycle moment. You can take an old Ikea shelf and turn it into a modern dog bed. All you need is a mattress that fits into the shelf and a bed base

Floor Space Hack

If you are trying to save space in your home you can even put your dog’s food bowl at the bottom of an open drawer just make sure they are velcroed to the bottom so that they don’t move as your dog eats.

Peanut Butter Distraction

Most dogs get antsy and hate getting their nails trimmed. Although this can be a challenging time, distracting your dog during the process via peanut butter is a great trick to make sure that they power through.

Nail Cutting Hack

Cutting your dog’s nails can be difficult, if accidents or mishaps arise then to stop any bleeding a mixture of water and cornstarch is sure to do the trick. You can apply this mixture with a cotton swab to the area as needed.

Spillproof Bowls

Traveling with your dog can get messy but spillproof bowls are helpful when trying to keep you and your dog’s area as clean and tidy as possible especially when you are on the go.

Makeshift Toys

Sometimes dog toys can be lost or forgotten. If this happens to be the case you can make a makeshift toy using a sock and an empty water bottle. If you don’t want to use a sock then you can just as easily use any piece of fabric and wrap the water bottle in it while tying both ends.

Squeegee Hair Removal

If your dog sheds then cleaning your car seats can be a hassle, not to mention time-consuming. If this is the case with your dog you can use a squeegee to remove dog hair from your car to speed up the process. Rubber gloves that you use for dishwashing can also do the trick. 

Zipline Harness for Climbing Dogs 

If your dog is constantly trying to make their way into the front seat while you’re driving, using a zip line harness can help keep your dog in place. You can also make such a harness yourself with nylon rope and spring clasps. 

Chalk Hack for Pet Bowls

If you keep food or water bowls for your dog outside and don’t want ants getting to it, outlining the bowls on the ground with chalk will keep them from following the scent trails made by other ants.

Vaseline Paws

If there is extremely hot or cold weather outside rubbing vaseline on your dog’s paws before going outside can help. The vaseline on your dog’s paws helps keep salt from getting on their paws and keeps them from getting burned while walking. When you return home you can easily rinse their paws before going inside.

Door Scratches 

Does your dog have the bad habit of scratching your door? If your dogs do this then putting a door protector on the affected area helps contain and minimize any damage that may be caused as a result. You can easily find protectors online or use contact paper to make your own.

Pill Pockets

Having your dog take medication can be challenging. In order to make this easier, you can DIY your own pill pockets. There are many easy treat recipes you can find online which allow you to roll your dog’s medication directly into the treat. The treats look like small balls that you can easily poke a hole in and hide the pill or pills your dog needs.

Escape Prevention

Dogs who constantly try to sneakily escape from your yard can easily be prevented with a special harness that makes it nearly impossible to slip through the cracks of your fence. They also come in a variety of sizes so you can find one that fits your dog properly. 

What dog owner life hack are you most excited to try?  Share your favorite hacks with your dog-owning friends and make life a little bit easier for those around you and their furry friends.