Your Planetary Staff: How the Planets Influence Businesses

By Anna Butler – April 27, 2021
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It seems that in business, there are unexpected challenges around every corner. To minimize these hurdles, you try to prepare yourself and plan strategically. If you find yourself always lost in thought when it comes to deciding which way to direct your professional life, perhaps you’ll be interested to know what your birth chart analysis has to say about your business techniques and other important decisions.

Perhaps you might feel surprised to know that business is part of your horoscope, too. Yes, your stars can tell you everything you need to know when it comes to steering your professional life. By considering learning more about the stars in your natal chart, you can get guidance for making decisions in crucial moments such as when to hire new people, when to reduce spending, when to advertise your products or services, and more.

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Your Planetary Staff

In a natal map, the planets symbolize the important areas of our lives. These areas are crucial in making us well-rounded individuals. The Sun represents our individuality while Mercury reflects our need to express ourselves and our style of communication. Venus symbolizes our relationships in life and how we create them and develop them. On the other hand, Mars reflects our craving to explore the world and chase after our dreams.

The planets are representative of our inner personalities. Though not all of us are aware, they work quietly to guide us towards the right paths by making us realize our own needs. When it comes to business the planets act the same way in your birth chart analysis. Your horoscope heavily focuses on your individual identity, but if you understand the intricacies of your birth chart and planetary alignment, you will receive more information about how the cosmos affect you in your professional life.

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The Sun – The Chairman of the Board (CEO)

The Sun is a nearly perfect sphere of hot plasma that sits at the center of the solar system. By far, it is the most important source of energy for life on Earth. No doubt, it is recognized as the CEO of the galaxy.

Just like in the solar system, everything must get through the Sun. The Sun symbolizes the owner and is responsible for setting the agenda. The rest of the planetary staff depend on him for direction. Nothing gets cleared until the person in charge says so.

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The Moon – Public Relations Department

Every business operates under the pretext of buying or selling. It could be an idea, a tangible product, or a set of services. Regardless of what a business offers, everyone in the company must strive to make a sale.

In the business horoscope, the Moon acts as the head of your public relations department. She reflects the feelings and reactions of the general public towards your existing products and even to the upcoming ones.

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Mercury – Department of Communications

Ironically, the Department of Communications is headed by the trickster Mercury. He is also known as the messenger god Hermes in Greek mythology. He is one of the most useful gods as his task is to deliver messages from the heavens to earth and even to the underworld. He would then return to the heavens to deliver the replies.

Mercury does the same thing in business. He is the one responsible for keeping communication between the planetary staff open. It is also his duty to share accurate and reliable information with the other departments. Of course, he also goes straight to the CEO to help him effectively run the business. Any message that goes out to the general public must pass through him first.

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Venus - Department of Finance and Negotiations

Counting money in business is one of the most complicated tasks. However, Venus is more than willing to oblige. In every company, a person who knows how to work out the numbers is necessary to keep track of the company’s growth.

Venus is happy to do the job. Her willingness to do the dirty work allows her to keep the books nice and tidy. Aside from the challenging responsibility, she is also responsible for establishing healthy relationships with other people, especially with those who can help the business succeed, such as potential investors and business partners.

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Mars – Department of Strategy

In business, competition is inevitable. In order to stay ahead of the competitors, one must always be aware of whatever is happening in the marketplace. The task of knowing the new techniques and trends is designated to Mars.

Following the orders of the Sun or the CEO, Mars goes out into the world and gathers information which can then be used to create a competitive strategy. His energy and hunger for success give him the vitality to do better in business. So if you’re looking for a win-win action plan, your birth chart analysis would lead you to Mars.

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Jupiter – Marketing Department

While it’s true that Mercury is responsible for sending out messages to the general public and getting their responses in return, he can’t go on with his tasks without consulting Jupiter first. Jupiter has the vision that can entice an audience. Like Santa Claus, he provides us with the inspiration to do wonderful things.


Moreover, Jupiter is the planet responsible for crafting the message that will get out to the marketplace. He has the instinctive knack of knowing what is going to sell. Jupiter always aims to make the business grow. So if you’re ready to go bigger, Jupiter is your guy.

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Saturn – Human Resources

In business, the human resources department is one of the least appealing because it is usually loaded with rules and regulations. It is the reason why Saturn is happy to do the job of overseeing this department. This planet likes to keep everything straight and narrow. Moreover, he always wants to keep everyone in line.

Everybody is aware that the human resources department is considered the spine of every company. To keep a competitive and productive backbone, Saturn is needed to do some good grounding. For most people, being limited by rules and regulations is sometimes hard to swallow. However, it is necessary if we really want to conquer our goals.

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Uranus - Department of Innovation and Technology

Uranus is the head of one of the most interesting departments in a business. According to the birth chart, he is the coolest guy around. He has the ability to think of gigantic ideas and he is always ready for a change. If something gets stale, Uranus would simply back out. But, if everything seems to work in his favor, he isn't afraid to take a giant leap.

Uranus is naturally innovative and can pull the rug out from underneath everyone from time to time. Moreover, he is the only guy in your planetary staff that can understand what the tech team in the businesses are doing at their computers. Because of this, he finds it easy to create new things and ideas that can deliver greater value to the company. Uranus also knows how to deal with social networks and manage all those bells and whistles with ease. He has his eyes out for what’s new that can help any company stay current.

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Neptune – Department of Fashion and Glamour

No matter how good a product is, it can be easily ruined by its packaging. There are even times when packaging is considered more important than what can be found inside. Well, this department belongs to Neptune. She knows the kind of images that can catch the attention of a particular audience.

Take for instance what Neptune did for Apple. Some say that it is not the best smartphone on the market, but with Lady Neptune’s magic, people are lining up to have this gadget. She made it appear as if it is the most glamorous product you could ever have in your entire life. Weaving illusions– it is what she does best. Neptune knows how to twist the truth without straying too far from it. So if ever you need some mesmerizing packaging, you only need to visit Lady Neptune’s department.

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Pluto – Department of Regeneration

You might be surprised by this department. Well, it rarely exists. It is ruled by the planet that likes to remain invisible. In mythology, Pluto is known for his helmet that allows him to hide from gods and mortals alike. Business departments usually run their operation without him. But once he knocks on the door, expect some kind of problem.

Most departments despise Pluto because of his tough job. He is responsible for enforcing change in desperate times. For a business to survive, there must be someone who knows how to do tricky things, like cutting off parts of the business, if it is the only way to set things straight. So when Pluto arrives at your door and tells you to do this and that, do not doubt his judgment.