Each Zodiac Sign Has Its Preferred Love Language - What's Yours?

By Channel Ali – May 25, 2021
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No matter what language you speak, everyone speaks the language of love. Although many of us like to hear how much we are loved and appreciated, there are also other ways to express love, whether it's by doing something special for your loved one, physical ways, or other options. The possibilities are endless. 

The author of the book series "The Five Love Languages," Dr. Gary Chapman, claims that we usually show our love in five ways: words of affirmation, acts of service, gift-giving, quality time, or physical touch.

Astrological signs can tell a lot about an individual's personality and they can also affect the different ways in which we show our love for our special partners as well as how we receive theirs. Read on to understand better what love language is best for your sign, and what your partner's favorite way of showing their love!

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Aries in Love

Primary Languages of Love – Quality Time and Words of Affirmation

Knowing what they want and doing whatever it takes to get it with regards to love has long been a good and bad quality of an Aries. Although they enjoy being on the receiving end of plenty of attention and compliments, Aries are fiercely independent. 

As much as they love being showered by praise, they are known to dish out mass amounts of it as well. Sitting down with their significant other and having someone listen to their day is one of the best ways to win the affection of an Aries, but it is not a one-way street as they are great listeners as well as talkers. 

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Taurus in Love 

Primary Languages of Love – Physical Touch and Gift Giving

Whether it is lavish gifts or physical touch, Tauruses have a passion for the finer things that life has to offer. Very strong-willed and dependable, Tauruses are secure in themselves and provide a very sensual devotion to their lover.

Their partner must have a similar taste and style for material things in order to be compatible. While they enjoy receiving lavish gifts, knowing their exquisite taste, they would rather be the gift-givers rather than receiving something that does not match their standards. Instead of gifts, giving your mind, body, and soul to a Taurus will be more welcomed, appreciated, and valued.

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Gemini in Love

Primary Languages of Love – Words of Affirmation and Acts of Service

Want to know why people enjoy being around Geminis so much? It could be their dualistic charming personality and their bubbly chatty nature that make Geminis so easy to be around and openly able to talk to almost anybody.

However, know that it is important to keep a Gemini engaged through intelligent topics of conversation and adventurous outings, otherwise, they can quickly become disenchanted and bored. Geminis are known to react to being told how you honestly feel and even more so when you physically show them.

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Cancer in Love

Primary Languages of Love – Words of Affirmation and Quality Time

They are sensitive, nurturing, and will love you unconditionally, which for some may come across as clingy. Although they are happy to go out, Cancers feel the safest and most secure when they are at home, so rather than planning a fancy dinner or a romantic walk on the beach, a night of “Netflix and chill” is more up their alley. 

Cancers are known to be very loyal and overprotective, almost to a fault, which sometimes causes issues in their friendships and relationships. Although words of praise, kindness, and sincerity are welcome by all, they are warmly accepted by Cancers.

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Leo in Love

Primary Languages of Love – Giving Gifts and Acts of Service

The zodiac lions are known to be brave and generous, often helping others who are in need. However, know that just as much as they love to give, they like to receive as well, through attention and exuberant gifts.

When they are involved in romantic relationships, big gestures and flattering comments go a long way but know that they are not put over by empty words and false praise. Known to take risks, Leos wear their hearts on their sleeves and aren’t afraid to show it.

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Virgo in Love

Primary Languages of Love – Acts of Service and Quality Time

Don’t be shocked to find out that the Virgo in your life might be a little obsessive-compulsive. Known to be extremely organized and responsible, Virgos often fret over the smallest of details.

However as much as that can be frustrating, it also makes them amazing partners romantically and socially. Often willing to lend a hand to others, even without being asked, don’t expect that they will turn around and ask you for assistance. Virgos tend to walk around with their guard up and can be mysterious and quiet, making it hard to get to know them in-depth. However, if you are one of the special ones that can get them to let you in, earning their trust, they will open up to you immediately.

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Libra in Love

Primary Languages of Love – Words of Affirmation and Acts of Service

As the Libra sign shows, they are all about personal balance. Naturally very charming and social, Libras are at their happiest when they are involved in a relationship or as part of a team. 

Of all the zodiac signs, the Libra is seen as the most romantic and kind-hearted, which is shown by their willingness to do anything to please their partners and friends. While they appreciate admiration and flattering comments about their own personal traits and qualities, don’t do anything to offset their balance as they are known to be very temperamental. 

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Scorpio in Love

Primary Languages of Love – Acts of Service and Physical Touch

Scorpios are some of the most difficult zodiac signs to understand and get a reading on. Known to be talented at plotting and masking their emotions, it can be a challenge to really get to know who they are as people.

As passionate, intense, and extremely emotional individuals, Scorpios are hard to resist due to their electric and magnetic personalities. Unlike other zodiac signs, Scorpios aren’t easily impressed by expensive and lavish gifts and prefer quality over quantity. What does impress Scorpios is an intimate, sensual, and physically affectionate relationship.

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Sagittarius in Love

Primary Languages of Love – Gift Giving and Physical Touch

Sagittariuses have been known to be extremely blunt with a flighty nature and a no-strings-attached attitude. As ambitious, free-spirited individuals, it is hard to keep a Sagittarius locked down, which is why, once you start a relationship with one, you can be sure that you will never be bored when they are by your side. 

Always looking for adventures and once-in-a-lifetime moments, Sagittariuses are not impressed by material objects, but rather by capturing memories that you can share together, especially when it comes to sex. Although they are known to talk about anything and everything, they do struggle to find comfort in expressing their own feelings.

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Capricorn in Love

Primary Languages of Love – Quality Time and Acts of Service

Focusing on their goals and reaching their full potential are Capricorn’s top priorities as they are usually very grounded individuals. Given that they are so goal-focused, love and romance isn’t usually something that a Capricorn tends to make time for.

However, when they do allow themselves to find love, they gravitate toward someone who is as devoted and loyal to them as they are. Led by their actions more than their words, Capricorns are often seen as quiet and reserved individuals who struggle to share their feelings and find comfort in being alone.

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Aquarius in Love

Primary Languages of Love – Words of Affirmation and Acts of Service 

One of the most unique and sometimes confusing of the zodiac signs, the Water Bearer often acts like a rebel without a cause. With a stubborn nature and lack of willingness to conform, Aquarians can be unpredictable and distant.

However, they also have the ability to be extremely kind and empathetic. Usually slow to show their true feelings and emotions, Aquarians are often careless of what others think about what they say or do. If you are willing to give space and freedom to someone, you may find an Aquarius easier to love. 

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Pisces in Love

Primary Languages of Love – Quality Time and Acts of Service

While their imagination and friendliness help making them the most compassionate of the zodiac signs, those qualities bring a negative side as well.

Often feeling the emotions of those around them and the environment they are in, Pisces signs have been known to be submissive when it comes to relationships, often being taken advantage of. Pisces tend to miss out on recognizing what might be a reality because they often see the world as they would like it to be. Not known for liking to be alone, Pisces are seen as the hopeless romantic type who enjoys being wined and dined.