3 Signs You Might Be a Genius

By Fred Foster – February 18, 2021
Image by medium.com

Someone may seem very intelligent, but what sets one apart as an actual genius? It’s actually odd little quirks that may suggest genius,  rather than being able to recite texts from memory. Creativity can make you a little eccentric, so instead of dismissing someone’s strange behavior as being completely off the wall, consider the fact that they may have a totally different perspective and actually be a genius. 

Famous geniuses through the ages were known for being a bit different. For example, Pythagoras hated beans so much that he banned his followers from eating them. Leonardo Da Vinci recorded most of his ideas backwards in mirror image cursive and Isaac Newton poked himself in the eye with a needle. Maybe you have some strange behavior that could be explained away by being a genius. Check these 3 traits of geniuses to see.

Talking To Yourself

Many geniuses talk to themselves. You might think that it’s a sign that your mind is going, but if you’re trying to get all your ideas out of your head, talking to yourself is a great way to do so. Shout it out loud, speaking your thoughts can get all that creativity in order. 

Chronic Worrying

Even though geniuses often come up with remarkable inventions or solutions, it's the overthinking that always gets to them. Geniuses are prone to overthinking and overthinking. They worry about the minutiae, they go back and forth over ideas and really ponder on whether they should do something at all. If you are constantly questioning yourself and wondering if you’re doing the right thing, then it’s possible that you might be highly intelligent.


If you think that there’s a value to daydreaming and allow your mind to wander off, then you share something in common with great geniuses. These men and women have always been more on the introspective side and they like to unlock their minds to explore what inspires them. If you look for meaning in your dreams or dedicate time to simply drift away, it may indicate that actually you’re a genius.