Things-To-Do: Dog Bucket List

By Denise Moore – March 7, 2022
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​Have you ever wondered what the best things to do with your dog are? Look no further here is your ultimate guide into some of the must-do things that both you and your dog will absolutely love! Here are the top 15 must-dos that you and your dog wouldn’t want to miss. 

Throw a Dog Birthday Party

Nothing says fun more than a celebration with you, your dog, and several of you and your dog’s closest friends, both furry and not. Even if you don’t know your dog’s exact birthday, don’t let that stop you from celebrating the day your dog came into the world. It is sure to make your home feel like family.

Take Your Dog to Work Day

Not all places of work allow it but most places now provide dog-friendly workspaces. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to spend more time with your dog! It is sure to make work more fun and your dog can play with the other dogs in the office too. 

Convertible Ride with your Dog

Top-down, with the wind in your hair, is something that both you and your dog can enjoy together. Take the time to have you and your dog feeling like the best dynamic duo as you enjoy and bask in the sun together on the ride of a lifetime. You won’t regret it!

Puppy Bowl Screening

The Puppy Bowl is like the Super Bowl but dog friendly. Binge-watch together on a lazy Saturday and see all the cute athletic furry competitors. You and your dog may both get inspired together.

Visit a Nursing Home

Do a good deed with your dog and help your local community by visiting a nursing home. Nursing homes are filled with elderly people that may not have weekly visitors, make someone’s day by spreading joy. Encourage those living in the homes to get out of their rooms and play alongside your dog. Dogs can even be therapeutic and help speed up the recovery time for those who just experienced some form of surgery. or health complication

Gourmet Dog Dining

Have you ever had such a memorable meal that you continued to rave about it to your friends? Now you can enjoy the finer things in life and dine with your dog. There are so many delicious dog-friendly treats and recipes like peanut butter cookies or fancy treats that your dog is sure to enjoy. Prepare these recipes alongside your own and you can share another memorable experience together via your new favorite meal.

Dog Calendar Photoshoot

How cute are personalized calendars? Now you can memorialize your dog’s cuteness forever and create a year-round calendar that you can use for years to come. You can even make it themed according to month. Who wouldn’t want to have their dog proudly displayed in a calendar in their home or office plus they make great gifts.

Dog Parade March

Parades put everyone in a great mood, especially around the holidays. It’s your chance to celebrate with your dog in a whole new way and put you both in a great mood this holiday season. You can even dress your dog in a theme and take cute pictures together. 

Snap a Photo with Santa

Speaking of the holidays, there is no better way to celebrate than by incorporating your dog into your newest holiday photo. Create new memories together with your dog and create a new and innovative holiday card together with Santa.

National Park Hike

Hikes are a great way to not only get some fresh air but also see the sites and maintain an active lifestyle. Both you and your dog should make time to stay healthy and discovering a new trail near your home is a great way to do so. Not to mention that going on a hike together is a great way to get your steps in alongside your dog. Don’t forget to be mindful of the trail’s rules and you both can enjoy your time outdoors to the fullest.

Dog Park Picnic

There are many opportunities to play outside with your dog but it can become a boring routine. Here is your chance to spice things up and go on a dog-friendly picnic. It’s the best of both worlds, your dog can enjoy letting out all his energies while you also lounge in the grass eating your favorite food.

Camping Time

It’s time to go on an adventure! Have you always wanted to go camping but didn’t know where to leave your dog? Take your dog with you and embark on a new camping adventure together. There are many dog-friendly campsites you can choose from just make sure your dog is trained enough to be around other people on the campsite.

Be a Movie Extra

How cool would it be to see yourself and your dog in the background of a movie? Become an extra with your dog and you can play a fun game trying to spot you and your dog as soon as the movie comes out. 

Boat Ride Adventure

Swimming can be a fun activity too but not all dogs enjoy this kind of activity. Now you can minimize their distress and maximize their enjoyment by having him on a boat first. This can be a great way to get him more accustomed to the water and you both can enjoy a sunny day out.

Dog Yoga

Best combinations? Dogs and Yoga! This is a great opportunity to bond with your furry friend, he is man’s best friend after all. Strengthen your special bond while doing fun poses together, even if you can’t get them all right it’ll be a fun memory to laugh about later.