What Are IQ Tests Used For?

By Kyle James – February 23, 2021
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Known for being consistently reliable in assessing the intelligence levels of an individual, IQ tests, both certified and online tests, are utilized across the globe.

From recruitment agencies to the education and medical industry, the various techniques used in IQ tests make it well suited to obtain a clear rounded idea of the cognitive ability of a particular person and is applied in a variety of situations, from academics to the professional world. 

Keep reading for a quick walkthrough on the most common uses for a certified IQ test. 

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Pre-Employment Cognitive Ability

In many roles, especially upper management positions, IQ tests can be a very useful and significant resource in the recruitment stage. It isn't used just for employing new staff but also when you need to promote employees who are already in the workspace and are strong candidates for promotion for a vacant position.

Some of the industries known to use IQ tests include accountancy firms, upper management business roles, and similar white-collar positions. The benefits are easy to see. Individuals with better IQ levels are known to regularly exhibit higher intelligence and are better positioned to solve unexpected problems very quickly and effectively.

Helps Students Choose a Career Path 

Many students experience a point in life where they are undecided on the profession or career path they wish to follow in their lives. This phase is absolutely normal and most educators generally direct students towards career advisors who are experienced in helping students find the right path.

Today, in an era where the generational divide is greater than ever in history, students are turning towards a different solution to help find a profession that is better suited to their skill sets - IQ tests. These tests help students easily assess their intelligence, cognitive ability, and the extent of their existing skills. Many professions have a particular IQ level that indicates students may have a natural talent for such a career. This means that with IQ tests, students can be better placed to realize their existing abilities and find a career choice better suited to them.

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Researchers, clinicians, and psychologists often make use of IQ tests to determine the responsiveness, brainpower, and intelligence of their patients or research volunteers. These tests are especially important when it comes to research studies involving dementia treatment and other degenerative illnesses that involve the intellectual and mental features of our brains.

As an example, patients with dementia are repeatedly given IQ tests to gauge the effectiveness of the medication. By comparing the results of these tests, the researcher or doctor will be able to assess the speed of spreading as well as understand which areas [of the brain] are affected by it.

Deciding on a Career Path

Choosing a field of study is easily among the most important aspects of any teenager’s life. If they get it wrong, it could set them back years. On the other hand, choosing the right career can help jumpstart their academic life and give them a strong edge over the competition, especially when they reach the work stage of life.

Certified IQ tests can allow students to assess the study paths they are best at and choose an option they will be better qualified and happier studying for. For instance, students who face difficulties in spatial awareness will understand that they may not be suitable for a degree in architecture.