Your Zodiac Sign Can Help You Design Your Dream Home

By Renee Abrahams – April 22, 2021
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All of us strive to have our own serene spaces and hope that our homes become that space. However, it’s quite hard to explain why sometimes, we just can't get that magical feeling that we long for. For most people, transforming a house into a serene and relaxing haven can be very challenging. Even picking the right color paint can pose a challenge. The type of decor and furniture complicates the choice even more. Fortunately, your birth chart can help you lessen the stress and the number of trials you'd face by providing signs with the things that will best complement your innermost design desires.

According to astrologer Rebecca Gordon, the stars have something to say about the finishes, furnishings, and other design aspects that can distinguish you from others. Your sun sign represents your traits and other quirks that you often neglect when it comes to choosing home decor. If you’re fed up with mixing and matching and failing over and over again, perhaps you might consider what your birth chart tells you about your true cosmic nature. Let the stars guide you as you build your castle, where there is no boss but you.

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Aries - The Bold Home

Ruled by the planet Mars, Aries are naturally active and fiery. Your strongest qualities are your confidence and your need to always be in the action. Something that evokes power appeals to you and you find it easy to express yourself in a place that elicits the same atmosphere. According to Gordon, you need a home with bold interior designs. Your most compatible colors are red, hot pink, gold, and orange.

Ophira Edut, another astrologer from AstroTwins, added that an Aries person is naturally competitive. This is the reason why you always seek a vibrant home where you feel alive. You want others to feel your intensity the moment they walk inside your home. You are the first sign in the zodiac calendar; compared to others, you are the most likely to reach the finish line first. You’ll feel the urge to switch up your decor whenever new trends emerge. However, she also said that your thirst for something new can be cumbersome. Instead of remodeling, Ophira suggests that you create a smaller space in your home that’s easy to transform. It can be a mudroom, a workshop, or an outdoor garden.

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Taurus - The Comfortable Home

Born under the sign of the bull, Gordon explains that Tauruses can easily get caught between two extremes. Because you are an earth sign, you can either fall for feminine pastel shades of pink or blue, or prefer deep colors like blues, greens, and browns. Whenever you’re in doubt, Gordon says that you’ll never go wrong in settling with a color palette that is predominantly off-whites or creams. Flower patterns also appeal to you, so complementing the colors with pillows, rugs, and throws with the same subtle hues would be a nice move.

You love to show your sophisticated style so you have an inclination to check out high-end furniture and goods. However, you won’t make a purchase unless you feel it’s practical to do so. Also, because you feel this constant tie to your ruling planet, getting heavy and squared pieces of furniture that are low to the ground will provide you with the rooted feeling you’re looking for.

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Gemini - The Vibrant Home

Youthful, lively, and flirtatious, nothing would appeal better to Geminis than colors and decor that evoke vibrancy and strong mental energy. According to Gordon, you always love the challenge of combining the old with the new. You also love to mix up prints and you’re pretty good at it. Since you’re naturally moody and you have unparalleled curiosity, your home must have variety. Your perfect palette for a social space includes greens, like lime or chartreuse, orange, and yellow.

Since you’re always open to the idea of experimenting and mixing modern with vintage, astrologer Edut suggests that you should choose lightweight furniture that can be moved easily. You have an ever-changing mood which can result in spontaneous changes from time to time. She also added to consider brushed metal fixtures, transparent Lucite chairs, and subway tiles, as these can help you turn your contrasting tastes to work to your advantage.

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Cancer - The Safe Home

Cancers love the feeling of being outdoors. However, you always consider your home to be your safe haven when your up-beat energy runs out. This is the reason why you tend to seek balance in your living area. According to your natal chart, the key to ensure your home will bring you the peace you crave is by choosing soft colors like whites, lavenders, silvers, Wedgewood blues, and vintage pastels. Contrasting bold colors can easily interrupt your serenity.

As a water sign, you are really sensitive, so astrologers suggest having a cozy central theme at the forefront of every room in your home. You can do this by having candles that can illuminate the way and emphasize a soothing experience. You can also add silver accents, shades of white, furry rugs, and distressed woods. To complete the setup, you can also add moonflowers at the entrance to the front door. Since Cancers are naturally welcoming, this decor can help you express your warmest welcome to your family and friends.

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Leo - The Royal Home

Leos are ruled by the dazzling star at the center of the solar system, the Sun. Your ruling sign shines brightly on the others which means you always want to have a warm atmosphere in your home. According to Gordon, Leos are the happiest when they see their homes as a playful haven for everyone. With your self-expressing nature, you always crave being the center of attention. Since you love to be in the limelight, astrologers agreed that having wall hangings, ceiling fixtures, and other dynamic pieces in your home will help you express more of your true personality.

Leos, like lions and their dens, want to show the world their pride in their homes. Meaning that luxurious furniture and other things with hefty price tags appeal to you more than anyone else. You always love the bling and colors like gold, yellow, Bordeaux and rust, can help you tell the world about your lavish lifestyle.

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Virgo - The Quiet Home

Virgos are known to keep their habitat quiet and peaceful. Whenever you’re at home, you are only after one thing – feeling like you’re at home. Unlike most signs who dread making their homes vibrant and playful, you lean towards classic white or cream colors. You want it modest like you are, and you want the tones to be the same in every room as much as possible. Virgos also find neutral colors such as taupe, navy, ochre, and clean-linen whites appealing. You would love to see a stark white wall complemented with window dressings that are of the same subtle color.

Because Virgos are grounded in Earth, Edut suggests creating a space in your home where you can relieve stress through reading, writing, or working out. You are confident in regards to your talents and abilities, so DIY projects can easily pique your interest. However, according to your birth chart analysis, you always want to create something unique, so picking natural materials in your project can help you express your inherent talents.

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Libra - The Welcoming Home

Libras value relationships more than anything else. It is the reason you crave a personal space that represents grace, elegance, and softness. You want everything to feel warm, natural, and welcoming, so having big furniture and eye-catching colors would not really appeal to you. You are more inclined to pick colors like pale pinks, baby blues, lavenders, and grays.

Since you want everything to feel natural, like it fell into place, so you don't want to have a home where the furniture and decor are overtly organized. In your home, you want everyone to feel that it is a place open for communication and connection. A gorgeous dining table and great pieces of art can be of help according to your birth chart map. Additionally, having furniture pairings in your home can also express how important it is to you to foster relationships.

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Scorpio - The Intimate Home

Scorpios are naturally sensual and mysterious. This is the reason why you get easily attracted to furniture and other objects that are plush and velvet. Colors such as black, plum, blood red, crimson, and Prussian blue match your intense moods. At home, you want to feel intimacy and privacy. You tend to choose thicker window blinds or curtains and you want a single source of light to illuminate your space for when you want to rest.

According to Gordon, your seductive nature can offer you versatility when it comes to designing your home. You want to create an atmosphere where everyone can feel like they are surrounded by mystery. To achieve this, astrologers recommend having interestingly draped fabric, little nooks, and side tables with low-lit lamps.

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Sagittarius - The Adventurous Home

Sagittarius signs are known for their love of the outdoors and worldly adventures. You are a natural-born traveler which explains the longing to have a home that brings about a sense of freedom. You are prone to wanderlust and, as much as possible, you want your guests to feel that too whenever they walk in. Because of your interest in collecting things that reflect your love for travel, such as passport stamps, considering furniture and decor with the colors red, rust, turquoise, green, and plum can help you mimic the environments of the places you’ve been to.

Because you seek a place that encourages adventure, you would feel more at home in a bungalow. Your hunger for travel can guide you when it comes to choosing your decor. Astrologers recommend tapestries, vintage record players, floor pillows made from Turkish towels, or books that cover history, astral projection, and other interesting topics.

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Capricorn - The Traditional Home

Capricorn is known as the most responsible sign out of all the zodiacs. Sometimes you wish you were as spontaneous as the other signs, however, your interest will always lean towards heirlooms and other traditional pieces. You want to be surrounded by a minimal color palette that includes white, hunter green, navy, and oxblood.

For Capricorns, when it comes to decorations, less is more. You cannot be easily tempted by the latest trends. Instead, you would prefer some ageless functional objects. Since you have a refined taste, antique furniture and historical decor are some of your favorite things to see inside a home.

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Aquarius - The Futuristic Home

Based on the birth chart wheel, anyone who falls under the Aquarius sun loves a cutting-edge design. You tend to pick electric color schemes which include silver, turquoise, violet, and electric blue. Instead of picking comfortable furniture, you would prefer things that can easily make a statement. You also want futuristic touches inside your home, such as steel and iridescent glass.

Aquariuses have vibrant energy when it comes to social settings. You want to make your space feels free-spirited; yours is the kind of home that is always ready to welcome people from all walks of life. Edut suggests that having minimal belongings can help you achieve the vibe you crave. Your sign is the zodiac’s futurist. Hanging pieces, sculptural light fixtures, and draped silks can also work well.

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Pisces - The Peaceful Home

People born under the Pisces zodiac are naturally sensitive. This nature makes you feel the need to have a home with colors that make you feel at ease, such as light lavender, peach, soft blues, sea-foam green, and silver. This color scheme is reminiscent of water, which complements this transcendent and dreamy sign. Pisces also feel comfort from things that mimic elements found at the beach. Furniture and decor with pastel or pale colors can help you achieve the natural atmosphere you crave.

Gordon also added that Pisces people love tranquility. Anything that can make your home feel like you are on retreat is highly recommended. Music can be a great theme to center yourself as well. You tend to meditate so having romantic or calming chords and lyrics playing while you try to relax can be a perfect addition to your safe cocoon.