Making Your Fearful Cat Comfortable

By Denise Moore – March 15, 2022
Image by Reddit

Cat’s are often most calm and comfortable around people they know the most. In contrast, cats can become extremely frightened and shy by those with whom they are not familiar. In order to help your cat feel most comfortable around new people you wish to introduce to them you must first understand why they feel the way they do. 

There are several main reasons why your cat can feel uncomfortable amongst strangers, some of these reasons are addressed below:

Not Enough Exposure 

Cats that have not been exposed to many people especially since their birth may feel unsettled when it comes to new people. Although even if they are used to various encounters with people they may still feel the same around kinds of people they aren’t used to, such as kids if there aren’t that many coming in and out of your home. 


Cats, similarly to people, have their own unique personalities. Sometimes shyer and more fearful cats simply share these traits naturally. It is important to be patient and accepting if your cat has a natural tendency to not interact with others.

Aggressive Noises 

If the new people being introduced to your cat are loud such as in their tone of voice or are laughing aggressively for example then it can increase anxiety for your cat. 

Alternatively, if your cat is administering unusual behaviors that differ from how they are normally, it could also be an indication that they are sick in some way. Sometimes aggression and unsettling behavior from your cat is used to mask a deeper health issue. If you suspect that this might be the case it is essential to contact your veterinarian right away.

How to Give Your Cat More Confidence

Exposing your cat to various types of people from a young age is crucial. Different kinds of people include various ages, ethnicities, and gender among others. If your adult cat is already fearful of new people for them to become more receptive introducing people gradually could be your best approach. You can even incorporate rewards via treats with this method, this helps ease your cat into such settings with new people. You as their owner would give your cat a treat every time he stays unfrightened by a new person that you have introduced. It is essential to provide your cat with several sessions with the same new person to maximize the results so they begin to truly feel comfortable. Cats are very cautious creatures so if they feel threatened then they won’t be easily receptive to the changes.

Creating a Comfortable Cat Space

It is important to be mindful of your cat’s space and create an environment where they feel the safest. The room in which you introduce your cat to new people should be one they frequently hang out in and have all their essentials, such as their food and water. Make sure that the new people you want your cat to get to know and be comfortable around, stick to one area of your house so your cat still feels comfortable roaming throughout the rest.

Keep Your Patience 

It could take time for your cat to fully accept new people and be 100% comfortable. Do not get discouraged, but rather keep being consistent with these practices. Your cat will eventually be less fearful of these new people. Do not force your cat to interact with those he doesn’t want to because this will have the opposite effect and backtrack your progress. Trust that your cat will come and interact with others the moment they feel that they can. Speaking softly and offering positive reinforcement in the form of treats and things your cat enjoys just might speed up the process.